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Casino Reviews

Some of the advantages of online casinos review are pretty obvious- no traveling to a casino, no paying for a hotel. No smokey, noisy casino that makes it hard to concentrate. No need to book an airline ticket to get to spend tons of money on gas to drive to Atlantic City. You can play in your pajamas, anytime. But here are a few little-known advantages that really make using an online casino worthwhile and perhaps even profitable:

Better-than-Vegas odds:

Many online casinos actually do have odds that are better than Vegas. How can they offer this? Less overhead and employees to pay. Imagine how much they save on electricity alone! Also, advertising that you have better odds than offline casinos reviews attracts more customers and keeps them in business. The casinos also realize that players from around the world may play at their site, and may be aware of differing odds on certain games. For instance, there are two versions of roulette- European and American. The European version has much better odds of winning than the American version, so most online casinos reviews will offer both, whereas many offline casinos may offer only one or the other. If you are a seasoned player with a good strategy, you can take advantage of these great odds and potentially earn more winnings.

Practice Games:

More and more online sites are offering practice or free games. These are exactly the same as their regular games, but you are not wagering any money, therefore can't win or lose anything. These allow you to get used to the games and the look and feel of the site. It also makes it possible to know what you are getting into before you spend money. If you can't get the hang of a particular version of a game, you know to avoid it when you are wagering actual cash. Also, it lets you hone your skills and even fine-tune a new strategy without losing the shirt on your back. Or, it can be used simply as a fun diversion, even if you do not intend on spending too much money. Some people alternate between pay and free versions of games to stretch their playing time and keep themselves within their budget. But no matter which reason you use practice games, this is an advantage you simply will not get from a traditional casino reviews.


Have you ever heard of a traditional casino reviews giving you free money to play with? Not likely! But online casinos are always offering some kind of bonus to new and sometimes repeat customers. Each site has its own rules about bonuses, but some of them can double or even triple the amount of money you have to gamble with. This ensures you can play longer and for larger amounts than you may if you had not received the bonus. See each site's terms and conditions for specific information.