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Slots Machines

Slot machines have evolved a whole lot since the days of a single payline with only stars, bells and numbers on them. Not only are there ones with multiple paylines and more than the standard three reels, but some have gone high-tech, with Video Slots now a huge draw at most casinos. Below is a list and synopsis of the most popular types of Slots Machines variations, along with examples of each type that you would find at an online casino.

Free Slots: Believe it or not, more and more online casinos are offering free Slots Machines and other games. These are often called 'fun' games, 'demo' or 'practice' games. Of course, if you hit on a winning combination in these free games, then you don't get any money, since none was wagered. But these Slots provide a very good service in that they allow a player to get familiar with each type of Slot machine offered by that particular casino. They also allow people to preserve their bankroll while elongating their playing time by letting people play for free. This is a great tool to hone any strategy you might be using as well.

Traditional Slots: These are remarkably similar to the original Slot machines that came about in the 1800s. They have only three reels inside of them and only one payline. They can be played with single or multiple coins though to increase your payout should you hit on a winning combination. Popular examples of this type of Slot on the internet would be Pharoah's Fortune, Cash Splash, Diamond 7s and Wow Pot.

Five-Reel Slots: This is exactly what it sounds like, a traditional Slot with two extra reels on it. The extra reels usually make the game more exciting and can also make for more winning combinations as well. Many Video Slots are five reels as well. Some popular online casino five-reel Slots .

Multi-line Slots: This can be either a traditional three-reel game or the fancier five-reel game. But either way, this type of Slot would have more than one pay line, like traditional slots. There could be three, five or more different ways to win. Some of the more popular Video Slots can have as many as 15 lines. These lines can be horizontal, cross-ways or even some odd combination of slanted or crooked lines.

Progressive Slots: This type of Slot is a part of a group of Slots that have a jackpot connecting them. The jackpot increases with each play. One lucky person will hit the spin that pays out the jackpot, which at some online casinos can be over a million dollars. Find high-paying progressive slots.

Bonus Slots: This is a Slot machine (typically the video kind) that, after a win allows for a bonus round of play. Depending on the type of bonus round, you can double your winnings, or go even further and multiply them many times over. There is potential for a big win this way.