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Online Keno

Online Keno is also sometimes referred to as Video Keno. Either way, it is a fun game for lottery lovers, although the house advantage (which usually hovers around 20%, on average) is very great. The rules of online Keno are simple and actually much easier than if you played the game at an offline casino, where there can be many confusing rules and variations. The game is usually pretty straightforward at an online casino. Here is how a typical game will play out:

There are 80 numbers to choose from. At an online casino, you will typically be asked to pick anywhere from 2 to 10 numbers (though some go as high as 15 numbers) per game.

Once you have chosen your numbers, you must choose how much to wager. There is usually a $1 minimum bet, though you can certainly bet more. Be careful in how much you bet, as any payout you receive will depend on how much you wagered.

Next, you have to choose rto tech how many games to play. Many new players choose to only play the numbers once, but you can play them as many times as you wish, up to the limit for that particular casino. In some cases, you can buy a certain amount of tickets at once and receive a bulk discount.

At this point, you are ready to place your bet and watch as the machine picks which balls win. Though it is rare that all of the numbers you pick will hit, you will still get paid out if only some of your numbers are selected. Each casino has a chart that tells you how much will be paid out to you for a given number of matches.

If you are playing at an offline casino, there are several variations that you can try to make the game a little different and possibly more exciting. You can choose a way ticket that allows you to bet on more than one set of numbers on the same ticket, and multiple times. Though this may make the game slightly more intriguing, it can also be confusing.

If you are offered a discount for using a way ticket, please remember that you only get paid out based on what you paid for each ticket, so financially, there is no advantage to getting a cheaper ticket.

If you played the max amount of numbers allowed, and all of those numbers are chosen, you win whatever jackpot is attached to that particular game. Though this is rare, it is a thrilling experience when it does happen.